About the Author

Through these posts I want to share my personal experience with Lean Manufacturing.  I am a food manufacturing professional with more than fifteen years of experience.  This interesting journey has been full of challenges, fears, doubts, learn, unlearn, setbacks, start over, moments of joy and achievements but also moments in which I felt defeated and some aggravating  situations as well.

Because of my initial education as industrial engineer; measure, analyze and improve a process has been in my blood forever.  The Lean Manufacturing knowledge I gain over the years enhance my continuous improvements experience and make me discover a new passion: being a lean student for live.

My education in Lean has been mostly reading, trainings, practice, practice, practice and lots of trial and error sessions.  I had some excellent results through the years but also some disappointments; mostly from people who don’t believe and prefer to become an obstacle.   Thorough the years, I also learned to deal with this people with patience and repetition of the basics, over the time they started to being really interested and end up joining the believers group.


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