Gemba Management, The Beginning

Learning Lean

At the beginning; you may see Lean as something abstract, too idealistic to be true; but after you got the basic ideas everything starts to make sense.  Once you understand the power of lean, you started to live according to with its philosophy and use its tools.  If you try to do this on your own, people will start to look at you like you fall from the moon.  While you will look weird for some, some others will be curious.  Lean is not a one-person show, lean is about people and its behavior, lean is a way of life.

I learn to go every day to gemba and see what happen around, identify what was wrong was the easy part.  Learning how to spark curiosity from the employees regarding what I was doing without making them feel threaten took a lot of time. I am still practicing how to approach, how to ask and how to engage them in my activity.  I need them to be as curious as I am, remember this is not a one-person show.

I have cats, and they are really curious, when one of them see something that calls her attention, pretty soon the other joins her and both stick their eyes with laser precision into the matter in question.  That is what we need to do, focus on the situation and don’t let it go until we fix it!


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