Kaizen, Waste

Muda or Waste

When we start sharing with our employees our key performance indicators they become aware of how important it was to avoid raw materials waste.  Through training, we teach our employees how to control the fill weight of the different components to keep the individual samples within our operating limits.  We also started a couple of kaizen to control other sources of ingredients overuse.

I guess that we talked so much about this ‘waste” that when we started with our Lean Manufacturing basic training and we mentioned that lean relentlessly attack muda or waste, everybody though about over filling.

Muda or waste is any process or activity that does not add any value to the customer.  It could be a waste of resources (like the raw ingredients), time or others.  Taiichi Ohno categorized waste in seven groups:  Defects, over production, waiting, transportation, inventory, motion and over processing.  Lately, there is another category:  not engage people.

7 Waste



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