Kaizen, The Beginning, Waste

Why we keep having the same problems?

It is absolutely overwhelming! You try, try and try harder but you see yourself putting down the same fires every now and then. Industrial firefighters, that is how I called the people who keep putting down the same fires over and over.  They are so busy keeping down the flames, that can’t realize its gotta be some other way to fulfill customer needs.

There is only one reason to keep having the same problems, we keep doing the same things.  Albert Einstein defines insanity as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  Are you insane?  Of course not, then you need to try something different.

Lean thinking will provide all the tools to make something different!  Only attacking relentlessly all possible sources of waste, while working on lot reduction and standardization counts as doing something different.  Kaizen everywhere, by everybody, every day!


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