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How to do a 5S Training?

Being 5S the foundation for Lean Manufacturing, it is really important to design a good training that captures employees attention and motivate them to learn and support the program.  After a lot of trial and error I came up with two different ways to do this training.  Which one I choose, depend on how much time we want to dedicate for training, the target area and the employees availability.

The Two Steps Training takes two days, the first day is for all the theory plus the first S, including the kick off of the Red Tag Campaign.  Between both trainings days usually we have one to two weeks that use to decide what to do with all the stuff that end up on the Red Tag Area.  The second day is to complete the next four S.  We dedicate a good amount of time to select the permanent location for all the equipment, tools and materials needed in the target area.  The whole group works moving things around, labeling, cleaning and painting.  We can not set standards too fast, we always have a one hour session about two weeks afer the second training day to go over the procedures and standards established to check the status.  Are they working?  Do we need to change something?  Can we make everything official?

The Step by Step training takes between four to five days but is really through because literally take the employees by the hand and walk them through the whole process.

I mostly use Two Steps Training for small areas that are easy to tackle.  Step by step is my favorite by far, although it is slower it is a complete learning experience.  This one is really good when you want to develop employees and give them nice tools to empower them to take their own decisions. Also we have plenty of time to practice the Lean Thinking.

How do you do your 5S trainings?  Which way proves more successful for you?


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