Information Waste

Do you ever feel that you create information that is useless?  You spend one hour updating charts that nobody cares about or a report that nobody uses.  This really upsets me because I always think that the time used for data collection and creating tables, charts or reports is less time spent on the gemba looking for the next kaizen idea.

The only time on which we collect and present data is when we are going to use it to make decisions (key performance indicators) or to find out the root cause of a non-conformance situation or the impact of ongoing kaizen.

Don’t waste your talent, creativity and time creating beautiful charts that add no value to the process.  I have met some managers that are very proud of all the data they collected on their departments but when I asked what is the purpose of it or what they do with it, the answer most of the time is that somebody requested it.

It is very discouraging when we know that we have an overload of data that we are not going to use.  Do not create charts if you are not going to share them with your employees to show the progress of our kaizen or the process performance.  Do not create reports to keep you busy or just for your boss to have something to read.  Create reports to show the root cause analysis, impact on the performance of our projects and/or decide something; otherwise is a complete waste.  Our customers don’t pay for data collection or charts creation, if we are going to do it, we need to make it worth something.


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